Carp Spirit Marker ALS Orange

Artikelnummer: ACS010385.
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€ 19,95 (inclusief btw)
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Perfect om even je stek te markeren voordat je een staafmarker gaat plaatsen.

  • Made from a high buoyancy & Hi -Viz material
  • Simply clip a large weight onto the snap link and drop over the edge of the boat to mark a spot
  • A popular method is to fish your baited rig in between a pair of well-spaced markers
  • To reduce the chance of a hooked fish crossing the line
  • Hi-Viz plastic for day time identificatio
  • Automatically sets depth- Simply place over the edge of the boast and the ‘H’ shape will rotate as the lead falls to the bottom.
  • Anti-Spook-Red L.E.D.’s automatically turn on only when the marker is in water and during the hours of darkness.
  • Will not turn on during transportation even when inside a bag
  • Internal master off switch
  • Requires 2x AA Batteries
  • Up to 100+ hours constant run time






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