Kryston No Tangle Stiffens all Braided Lines

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Om al je soepele rigs even! stijf te maken.

  1. Neem wat vloeistof op je vinger en verdeel deze over de lijn.
  2. Rol met duim en vinger de vloeistof goed in de lijn
  3. Reinig je vingers met een doek
  4. Wacht 3 a 4 minuten

No Tangle is a specially formulated gel hooklength treatment that comes in a water-soluble gel base. It will bond the filaments of multi-Strand and stiffen all loose supple braids to prevent tangles. Once in water the gel dissolves similar to PVA allowing the hooklink to revert back to its original soft supple state. No smell no taste and non-toxic. For those who want to gain all the benefits that multi-strand offers especially the open stranded version this product is essential. For tangle free presentation, or eliminating handling problems with multi-strands No Tangle makes using and tying rigs a piece of cake.
30ml bottle. Will treat over 100 hooklengths.

If you are an angler who has rough skin on your hands you may experience problems when handling multi-strand and soft loose braids. For trouble free handling apply a small amount of No Tangle to the material, this will make tying knots and rigs problem free. The gel will set into a fine firm coating that substantially stiffens the hooklength material into a solid line that in turn prevents the ultra fine filaments from catching or snagging on rough skin.

On Braids
No Tangle also stiffens super soft braids to prevent tangles. The larger diameter braids e.g. 25lb Silkworm, 25lb Super Nova and 25lb Merlin will stiffen up substantially more the lower diameter braids due to their higher content of fibres. The thicker and looser the braid is the stiffer it will become.

How do I use it?
1. Simply squeeze small amount of gel onto your index finger and using finger and thumb work the gel well into the fibres of the line.
2. Once the line is sufficiently soaked dry your finger and thumb with a cloth.
3. Using pressure run dry finger and thumb down the line a few times to remove excess gel.
4. Allow 3-4 minutes for gel to cure.

The fibres of the multi-stranded or supple braid will now have bonded together. This makes the hooklength substantially stiffer to give tangle free presentation. Prepare a few treated hook-links to take with you for your next session. When you land a fish or wind in for a recast simply change your hooklength for a treated one, it only takes a few seconds. Whilst you are waiting for a run in the confines of your bivvy run your fingers down the used hooklength a few times to make it dry then treat it with gel again ready to use again.






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