Wychwood Buzzerbar EXTREMIS Q/R 3 Rod 28-40cm

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EXTREMIS Q/R 3 Rod Buzz Bar

Hard wearing high-grade 6061 aluminium

28 - 40 cm


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Engineered to suit your style, the Extremis range has something to suit every situation. Offering a comprehensive range of both two and three rod, adjustable and fixed Buzz bars as well as a variety of adjustable bank sticks. Engineered from hard wearing, light weight robust 6061 grade Aluminum. Dressed in a sleek black anti-glare anodized finish. All of the Extremis range features CQT (captive quick turn) thumb screws, ensuring every adjustment is effortless and you will never be inconvenienced by a miss placed or lost thumb screw again. Furthermore, the entire range is fitted with fully interchangeable 13mm quick release collars and inserts. With a quick turn of a screw, you can quickly remove a bite alarm or but grip from your buzz bars on to a bank stick in seconds. All helping you to maximize your fishing time more efficiently. Our Adjustable buzz bars allow for precision fine tuning and adjustment at the highest level. So, whatever your preference is, rest assured you can adjust them to suit your style. The fixed buzz bars are perfect for both types of anglers who like their rods well-spaced out, or those who like to keep them snug. Offering the best in bankside stability, these buzz bars have no adjustment, which means there is nothing that can come loose or move, making them ideal for snag fishing when the pressure is on. The range offers variations in width to allow you to choose the buzz bar that best suits your fishing style or situation. They all feature quick release heads with captive thumb screws, allowing for effortless alignment, combined with time quick and easy set up and pack down times.

  • Hard wearing high-grade 6061 aluminum
  • Anti-glare black anodized finish
  • Quick release alignment collars
  • CQT (captive quick turn) thumb screws
  • Adjustable 2 rod 15-25cm
  • Adjustable 3 rod 28-40cm






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